10 most unique looking fusions in Pokemon Infinite Fusion (2024)

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an original fan-made game released in 2015. This game allows you to fuse two Pokemon into a single unique creature. This combined Pokemon takes appearance, stats, and types from the original two Pocket monsters.

Fusing two separate Pokemon has always been extremely popular with fans. Artists spend hours blending Pokemon with distinct attributes and appearances to design unique critters. Some dedicated fans took this concept to the next level by making a game where you can use these fan-made concepts on your journeys.

There are 176,820 possible fusions in this game, and here are some of the unique fusions we found in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's views.

Charizard, Dragonite, Rayquaza, and 7 other Pokemon with unique fusions

1) Klinklord - Steel/Water

A fusion of Klinklang and Wailord (Image via Schrroms)

The pure Steel-type Klingklang gives a rustic ship feature to the heaviest water type in the sea, Wailord. Not only does this make for an intriguing-looking fusion, but it also builds curiosity about the mysterious backstory behind this creature.

2) Agdon - Steel/Rock

A fusion of Aggron and Bastiodon (Image via Schrroms)

Aggron and Bastiodon are both quite intimidating on their own, but their fusion could be a menacing threat if it were real. Its color combination is well thought out. The striking features of his body and horns combined with its shield head make this fusion stand out pretty well.

3) Clelix - Fairy/Steel

A fusion of Clefable and Steelix (Image via Schrroms)

Clefable is a mysterious creature from outer space that came to Earth on meteorites. With a lot undiscovered, this creature is said to have connections to the moon and planets. This fusion with the Steel/ground type Steelix beautifully combines the mysterious and ferocious attributes of both these Pokemon, giving it a powerful extraterrestrial touch.

4) Talontops - Fire/Water

A fusion of Talonflame and Kabutops (Image via Schrroms)

Talonflame is an exception among the very few Fire/Flying Pokemon. But when combined with the ecstatic fossil Pokemon Kabutops, this fusion results in a very unique prehistoric being that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Along with its razor wings, it has an attractive color scheme and stance, making this fusion desirable and appealing.

5) Scepnape - Grass/Fighting

A fusion of Sceptile and Infernape (Image via Schrroms)

Combining these two fan-favorite starter-type Pokemon originating from the same region results in a rare type combination and secures a place in an excellent-looking hall of fame. Ash Ketchum owned both Infernape and Sceptile in the anime and were progressively liked and picked by fans when they played the games.

6) Umnite - Dark/Dragon

A fusion of Umbreon and Dragonite (Image via Schrroms)

Umbreon is one of the 8 evolutions that Eevee can go through. Fans love it for how its design stands out among other evolutionary lines. When black and yellow colors are applied to one of the most popular Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, its appeal and uniqueness are emphasized. This fusion is a powerful tank in battle, but its midnight dragon design is difficult to resist in your main party.

7) Diachomp - Steel/Ground

A fusion of Garchomp and Dialga (Image via Schrroms)

Another Pseudo-Legendary makes it onto the list, combining with an actual legendary entity this time. Champion Cynthia's trump card is one of the most used Pokemon in most playthroughs and showcases its power many times in the anime. Combined with being the God of time, Dialga, this fusion is not only a threat to your opponents but also becomes a trophy in your party when it comes to its design.

8) Salazard - Dragon/Fire

A fusion of Salamence and Charizard (Image via Schrroms)

Charizard is one of the first fully evolved starter Pokemon from the Kanto region and arguably one of the most popular among fans. Salamence is another Pseudo-Legendary from the Hoen region, a trainer's top choice while playing the games. This fusion not only radiates power and threat to anyone who comes near but also makes an impressive impression with its dragon-like design.

9) Grouquaza - Ground/Flying

A fusion of Groudon and Rayquaza (Image via Schrroms)

Until now, we've seen fusions that involve one or no Legendary Pokemon, but one can only imagine what happens when you combine two. Groudon is the ruler of the land. Legends say it can use magma to evaporate water and expand its territory. Rayquaza, on the other hand, is the ruler of the sky. Being the strongest of all the weather trio, this flying serpent-like creature is said to have stopped a territorial battle between Groudon and Kyogre.

10) Mimichu - Ghost/Electric

A fusion of Mimikyu and Pikachu (Image via Schrroms)

Pikachu is probably the most popular Pokemon ever. This electric mouse is the franchise's mascot and Ash's first partner in the anime series. Pikachu's cute charm has captured so many fans over the years. Mimikyu is another popular pick that skyrocketed its popularity with fans within a few days of its first appearance. It is said to wear an old Pikachu costume to gain attention, and it certainly did. Other than its use in battle, fans love this creature for its backstory.

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10 most unique looking fusions in Pokemon Infinite Fusion (2024)
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