100+ Best Instagram Prom Captions - Caption Guy (2024)

by Idris

100+ Best Instagram Prom Captions - Caption Guy (1)

A night to remember indeed! Prom is a big deal for high schoolers. If you’re planning a themed prom, then you might consider one of these unique ideas. Regardless of your theme, I think it’s important to keep things both traditional and simple.

Many individuals enjoy attending prom. It is a time for them to express their feelings towards their partner. Many people would like to share their special moments with their partner on this special day but they are not sure of what to say. Prom captions can help you decide what to say.

Here are the best prom captions, along with a list of other awesome prom-related articles you need to check out.

Prom Captions

  • For a silent wish that she will have fun at prom ☀ #prom2017
  • Everything about prom night is magical—from the dress, the hair, and makeup, and most importantly, the person you choose to spend it with. A dream come true ✨
  • Here’s to the most magical night of your life, ✨ where you glitter in every way. ✨ #prom2k18
  • Now that we’re in college, our #1 priority isn’t what we wear to the #prom. Wait, what’s a prom?😎
  • Congrats to all the babes slaying the look at prom!😊☺ #prom
  • Prom is the time of your life! Make it unforgettable.
  • When you’re the first and last thing in her (or his) mind every day: ariel. ☀ #prom2k17
  • We can’t wait to celebrate YOU at prom this weekend. There’s so much value in celebrating the big moments in life! Thank you for joining us from coast to coast #promisepromise #safelifeprom
  • Just another prom night, but we’ll make it shine ✨
  • Whether it’s your first, last, or only, the Prom is just one night, make memories to last a lifetime.
  • Wishing you the best night 😄 . Tonight is going to be so much fun, I’m excited for the 🎤, 🎵 and all my friends. #prom
  • Set the intention of how you want your night to go. If it’s got the pit-pit 💃🏻, it’s a wrap ☺️ #prom2018
  • Wow. You look amazing. I hope you have a great time tonight.
  • Hey girls, go big this season with bold makeup and accessories.
  • Celebrate the good times tonight. Happy dances are optional.
  • Grab your BFFs and get ready to smile for the prom photographer. Oh—and don’t forget those dance moves 😎
  • And she grew, and she grew. And she continued to grow. For the rest of her life … #promnight
  • Wishing one and all a very Happy Prom Season 😎😘
  • Like the two of you, this prom just got a whole lot better. PS- You both look 😍💕
  • Do you 👀 that special someone? Date night, here we come.
  • Swingin’ for the sun Thanks to my guy for buying me these stunners. I can’t wait to put on a show…#GatsbyStyle
  • So much happiness is packed into these three words: I love you 💕
  • To have and to hold🎶 #prom2k18
  • Whether your #prom is formal or studious, grab the spotlight with a color that doesn’t fade. #nyxprompro
  • Excited to go d-d-d-dancing with you. :} #prom2017 #enjoyedmyself
  • It’s prom time! Cue the confetti and sparkles, ‘cuz tonight is a big night. Wouldn’t it be special to celebrate with a tasty sweet treat from your fave bakery? We’re convinced that if you don’
  • Life is like a box of chocolates for me. Except for the way I see it, any chocolate covered in gold foil should suffice. 🍫
  • Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget to wear something orange—the color of the year! ##
  • Time to let go and Party Hard. Last night of freedom! ⚪️🎉🍾
  • I still can’t believe I have a prom date… it still feels like a dream that some lucky boy is asking me to prom!
  • Getting lit for the #prom A touch of sparkle, a little flair, and a whole lot of fun!
  • What happened to my prom picture? I was so young and full of hope. 📸Pictures don’t capture the good times we had, but they do remind us of who our friends are when we need them most.
  • Hey ❤️. The best part of the night is about to begin. Wanna dance? #prom
  • It’s all about going on that great adventure. #prom
  • Good looks, good friends + a Jameson in my hand‼️ Pre-prom party @jamestown in #ScottsdaleAZ #Launchthematch
  • You look awesome. I feel awesome. We’re so cool we’re freezing. 😎
  • Prom Season is upon us! Are you ready?
  • Fearless. Magical. Free. A night you’ll always remember. (And a dress you’ll never forget.) 😎 #prom2k17
  • Snap a selfie with your bestie and your very own dream tag.
  • I dare you not to smile. (contest winner caption)
  • Saying you’re feeding your students is an understatement. You’re preparing them for their futures as successful, confident, well-adjusted adults. -Principal
  • The spirit of a young woman shines through in everything she does. There is an old-world charm to her beauty, and she has kept some of the best vintage fashion. She is truly elegant.
  • Are you ready to get your sleeves up and start to make a night to remember? So, pick out that perfect little black dress and get those curls 🥰 right
  • Tonight’s the night. We got our tuxes ready, and our flowers are in bloom. Are you ready to make some memories? The clock’s ticking… See you at #prom! ‭‮
  • Your prom night is about to be lit, followed by a lifetime of memories. Tonight we party like rock stars – who deserves to shine brighter than you? Have an epic time!
  • When it comes to creating the perfect prom dress, keep in mind that every dress is one-of-a-kind. Celebrate your originality.
  • The most magical night of your life ends in the best way possible: ‘Dancing with a Stranger’ 🕺🏽 #prom
  • Here comes the bride, our glamorous and beautiful #daughter-of-the-year.
  • Bling it on with our new collection of accessories. Go for a dressy, trendsetting look, or keep it classic with your all-time favorites. No matter what you wear, your accessories deserve to be noticed.
  • Shine bright at prom.🥰 😎
  • No dress could ever compare to your personality 😍
  • Cheers to moments worth savoring. Celebrate with a glass of bubbles 🍾 #prom
  • Just ask and you will receive if you want to dance with me today. – Cinderella #promshoes #promnight
  • Did you know there are like a million promposals, and they’re all so cute!
  • This summer, don’t be afraid to add a little glitter and gold to your prom look. This year, go all out with bold patterns, metallic detailing, and standout sequins that will sparkle.
  • Prom season is better when we’re together. Happiest of birthdays, to the nicest boy on the planet 🍭

100+ Best Instagram Prom Captions - Caption Guy (2)

  • 🌟 May your spirit shine this 🎭. Enjoy tonight with friends and family! #prom2016
  • So thankful for my friend who knows all of the best restaurants in town. #cantstopwontstop
  • When you finally find “the one”, don’t try to fix her … or change her; love her as she is. 💍😎
  • You’re a living miracle. Have the best night of your life. #prom2k16
  • 🎉💕Had so much fun with you! Thank you for making this night more special than I could have imagined. I hope these memories we made last a lifetime ❤️🙌🏼 #prom2k15
  • Celebrate the most important night of the year with us, because your Live is Amazing! ❤ #prom2017′
  • Late nights, loud music, and dancing—we hope your prom night is everything you’ve been dreaming of! “
  • Party of one. You know, me. 😂 #prom
  • OMG, it’s time for prom! Prepare to dance the night away in ways you never imagined possible. 💃 #prom2017
  • One day, one dance, one moment to hold on to for the rest of your life. #prom2017
  • Happy prom season! Send us your prom photos using #StRegisProm on Instagram to be featured on our page.
  • Through the years, your dress just might be one of your most treasured memories. #prom2k17
  • Your # PromKing has arrived.‬
  • Promise them this: flower crowns and slow dances; promises for tomorrow and forever.
  • Showered in the colors of a new spring 🌻 #photocap
  • Getting ready to go to prom 💃🏻 #promnight #prompicture #prompose
  • Sparkling in these spectacular heels. #prom2k17
  • Who said prom was just for high schoolers? The beginning of a new decade is an excellent time to get dressed up and celebrate your accomplishments with friends, family, and colleagues. It’s also an excellent time to reflect on the year that
  • It’s not about finding a perfect dress, it’s about thinking of the perfect words to say when you see that person dressed in their best. #promnight #prom2018
  • Shine bright for that special night–prom night! 🌟
  • 💃🏼Hope you had a wonderful year and an unforgettable night 🤗 #prom2017
  • Be my date to prom? Proposals should be fun and creative, so keep it lighthearted and make sure to ask permission from your date before you ask in front of her friends.
  • So this is love, huh? Warm inside and out. #Promposal ✔😁 #prom2016
  • You can have all this, and love too. – Elizabeth Gilbert. #prom2k17
  • Nothing quite like a baby’s first prom 💁✨ We wish you great memories and fun moments on this special night.
  • Let’s make this the best dance ever. I can’t wait to see your ‍⭕️ #prom #bestdanceever#couples#bffs
  • Looking for the perfect dress to impress the most popular boy in school? Well, look no further.
  • Be your kind of beautiful. 💕
  • Good luck tonight – and have a great school year. We’re proud of you. 😘
  • Nothing makes us happier than dancing with the person we fell in love with. 💕
  • It’s #Prom season, so make sure your grad gets a picture they’ll love!
  • Ready for a memorable night of dancing, dress-up, and maybe even drama? We’re celebrating #prom2016 this Saturday! Time to pre-game 🎉 ⌚️ 🍾 #BeASchoolBallQueen
  • It’s not over ‘til the votes are cast! 🎖 #prom2016
  • Hey guys! I’m so close to the senior year, tho 🎶 . #prom pic.twitter.com/jwss3LF7YB
  • What’s black and white and red all over? This year’s prom dress code! 🌈 *#Repost @imthebarbie of an interview about the history of the dress code. (Reminder: to post
  • Cue the music, Dad. I can’t wait to celebrate my big night with you.
  • Tonight will be a night to remember. . . . #prom2k16
  • Be honest, gentlemen, we wish we were all going to prom again #AlliWeWantForAlliIsAClassicPromDate
  • This is not my prom 🎤
  • The best part of the prom — having a great time with my friends! 😝
  • Thank you to everyone who made today so special ❤️ #prom2017 #diamonddresses
  • Homecoming, class parties, hanging out with friends at the football game…there’s nothing like dancing in that limo all night long!
  • Prom is a night to remember, so it’s super important to capture what you and your friends will be talking about until next year’s prom! “#prom2017 #promise2017
  • Practice your prom pose because the pictures will last a lifetime 🥰
  • There is no place I’d rather be this weekend than with you. #promise
  • Breathtaking views, inspiring events, and the company of friends during this enchanted evening. Nothing can go wrong on prom night.
  • Here’s to the night, here’s to the year ahead, and here’s to every moment in between. A toast to the endless adventure that is life! #prom2019
  • Prom is a big night with big decisions – or it could be a tiny, intimate celebration of your friendship. Either way, you’re sure to have fun wearing this dress.
  • Turn up the heat in this fierce #suit# featuring a strapless sweetheart neckline with corset detailing. #promise#
  • The moon, the stars, the memories. May you feel as special this Prom Night as you are to me.
  • Saying YES to the dress and saying NO to credit card debt.
  • Tonight,tonight,tonight! 🎉 Have the best time at your prom, and don’t forget 👓 your ✏️ corsage.
  • Beaming with happiness as I imagine their prom night together. #prom19 #promgoals #prom19 #prom
  • Party of two? #prom2k17.
  • You’re just a breath away from a new adventure. Good Night and (I Love You). 🌙❤️ #PromNight
  • Sometimes the world needs a little magic 🧙‍♂️ #prom
  • Treat yourself to that perfect dress 👗 for your big night and dance the 🎶 night away under the stars 🌌.
100+ Best Instagram Prom Captions - Caption Guy (2024)
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