Daniels says she wouldn't call herself and Michael Cohen "buddies" (2024)

15 hr 15 min ago

Daniels says she wouldn't call herself and Michael Cohen "buddies"

Trump attorney Susan Necheles asks Stormy Daniels if she hated Michael Cohen when she made the allegation about the man threatening her in the car park.

And she added: Now you're "buddies."

Daniels says she wouldn't call them "buddies."

15 hr 21 min ago

Trump started the day outraged about the lack of notice that Stormy Daniels would testify

From CNN's Dan Berman

Given the tense atmosphere in the courtroom as Trump's attorney Susan Necheles presses Stormy Daniels in various ways in order to damage the adult film star's credibility, it's worth remembering that at the beginning of the day Trump was angry about not knowing who today's witness was.

Trump railed against the timing in which his team became aware of Tuesday’s witness in his criminal trial in an early morning Truth Social post that has since been taken down.

“I have just recently been told who the witness is today. This is unprecedented, no time for lawyers to prepare,” the deleted post said.

Before the jury came in Tuesday morning, Necheles renewed the defense team's objection to Daniels testifying.

"We want to renew our objection this morning. We’re informed the second witness will be Stormy Daniels. We want to renew our objection to her testifying, particularly about any details of any sexual acts," she said.

Prosecutors have made a point of not sharing witness plans with Trump, citing his various social media posts attacking potential witnesses.

15 hr 23 min ago

The court is taking an afternoon break

The court is taking a short afternoon break. Stormy Daniels is expected to resume her testimony soon.

Donald Trump pursed his lips and exhaled as he walked down the aisle.

15 hr 22 min ago

Daniels testifies she didn't make up story about man who threatened her in parking lot

Trump attorney Susan Necheles continues to ask Stormy Daniels about her testimony that she was threatened in 2011 by a man in a parking lot.

"This man never existed, did he?" Susan Necheles asks.

"He absolutely existed," Daniels says.

Necheles then asks if the story was made up.

“None of it's made up,” Daniels says.

Daniels says that Michael Avenatti hired a sketch artist to recreate a description of the man and offered $100,000 to whoever could identify him.

15 hr 24 min ago

Daniels describes story she told radio show about her sexual encounter with Trump

Stormy Daniels is now testifying that she told the story about her sexual encounter with Trump on a radio show in 2007.

Trump attorney Susan Necheles clarifies that she wrote names down on a paper of famous people she'd slept with.

Daniels says she mentioned Lake Tahoe and a hotel room which was "obviously" about Trump.

Necheles asks Daniels whether she told Anderson Cooper, "I never told this story publicly before because I was threatened." She says that's correct.

15 hr 26 min ago

Daniels says she believed Cohen sent man who threatened her in 2011, but she was wrong

Susan Necheles asks Stormy Daniels if she believed Michael Cohen sent "that man in the garage," referring to a 2011 incident where Daniels says a man threatened her in a parking lot while she was on her way to a mommy-and-me class with her infant daughter.

Daniels says that's what she thought at the time, but she was wrong.

15 hr 28 min ago

Trump attorney drills down on what Daniels did after being threatened in 2011

Trump attorney Susan Necheles is drilling down on what Stormy Daniels did afterward being threatened in 2011.

Necheles is challenging Daniels with her own words in her book "Full Disclosure," in which she wrote that she did the exercise class after the man allegedly threatened her in the parking lot.

Daniels says it was "incorrect" that she had suggested she went to her exercise class. She says she went into the bathroom with her daughter and lied claiming her baby had a "blowout."

On the stand she said, "There's no way I could've possibly done the class as scared as I was."

15 hr 30 min ago

Daniels: "I kept all of it secret from my husband"

Stormy Daniels is being asked about the time she was threatened by a man in Las Vegas.

She confirms she didn't tell anybody about the story until 2018 when she agreed it was "probably" in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

"I kept all of it secret from my husband," Daniels says.

"Your daughter's life was in jeopardy and you did not tell her father," Trump attorney Susan Necheles asks.

"Right," Daniels replies.

15 hr 32 min ago

Trump's attorney is now asking Daniels about being threatened in 2011

Trump attorney Susan Necheles is now asking Stormy Daniels about her statements about being threatened in 2011.

Necheles asks it it's true that she didn't tell anyone about the supposed threat. Daniels says. that she told her close friends.

"You didn’t tell your husband, father of child?" Necheles asks.

"Correct," Daniels said.

Daniels says she wouldn't call herself and Michael Cohen "buddies" (2024)
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