IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases  (2024)

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (1)

The next season IPL 2025 will bring freshness to the table among all the 10 teams because there is going to be a Mega Auction which will just negotiate the advantage for all. Every team now has to make strategies for which players should get retained and which ones should get released. The excitement is going upwards for fans as they are waiting eagerly for the date of the auction but you don’t need to worry because we have curated some good points about these teams.

Let’s understand more about this auction and the team’s detailed strategies and we have listed some jersey numbers with the team name which is synonymous to the popular players of that franchise which you can guess.🤔

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (2)


Owners: Narayanaswami Srinivasan

  • The current squad is well known to give their best performance all the time and is among the best teams in the Indian premier league history this is due to Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

Performance in IPL 2024:

CSK did not win the IPL 2024 but, they gave glimpses of the tactics they used to employ while winning previous IPLs. Several players also performed exceptionally well, especially Ruturaj Gaikwad with the bat, and Matheesha Pathirana with the ball. Therefore the middle order of the team did not have good players and more over their bowling was not effective towards the end.

Possible Player Retentions:

  • Ruturaj Gaikwad: He is a valuable player for CSK as a batsman and a captain as well because he is an opener and of talent who has scored heavily this year (583 runs in 14 Innings) and also a long queue player who is certainly going to be in the team.
  • Ravindra Jadeja: He is such a strong hitter and a good bowler too and that makes him highly valuable within the team. His experience and leadership skills will be very important for leading a possibly changed team.
  • Shivam Dube: He is a valuable player for the team because he can bat and bowl well, which helps to balance the team. This year he showed his lethal aggressive hitting capabilities against spinners in middle overs where he scored 396 runs at a 162.29 strike rate.

Expected Player Releases:

  • MS Dhoni: If he decides to stop playing, CSK will probably have to let go of their famous captain. However, he is expected to keep guiding and advising the team as a Mentor.
  • Ajinkya Rahane: He wasn’t in the form this IPL where he was struggling to even middle the strokes so probably he will get released out before the auction and that’s perhaps the right decision considering his age and the form issue.

Area of Focus (Auction):

  • Skilled Middle-Order Batsman: CSK didn’t have a steady middle order in IPL 2024. They will be searching for an experienced player who can hold the team together with Ruturaj Gaikwad.
  • Death Overs Specialist: That is an area where CSK really could use the services of an explosive bowler who should be able to cope with pressure after the end having regard to improved techniques in bowling.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (3)


Owners: Nita Ambani

  • At some time in the past, Mumbai Indians were a powerhouse line-up, and they had a pool of supporters who wished to see the team clinch another trophy. However, they formerly performed rather well in this IPL tournament and lately they seem to have struggled to record good performances. There has also been trouble in addition to these in other aspects which have made it even hard for this team.

Performance in IPL 2024:

MI’s IPL 2024 season was not very good. Their hitting wasn’t strong enough, and their bowling didn’t have enough skill or force. Youngsters like Tilak Varma did well, but the overall performance wasn’t as good as expected.

Possible Player Retentions:

  • Jasprit Bumrah: He is really good at bowling yorkers very quickly and skillfully. He can’t be replaced by anyone else. It is still advisable to retain Bumrah despite his injuries to add more value to the team since he is excellent in match-winning instances.
  • Hardik Pandya: Despite having concerns regarding his bowling skills, he remains a worthy all-rounder. Now he has become captain of the franchise this season so it will be interesting to see how he graduated in this role.
  • Suryakumar Yadav: The other player who we think should have been featured is SKY, he is a good batsman who always does well for the Mumbai Indians as well as the Indian national team, and hence people refer to him as Mr. 360 because of the different shots he has.

Expected Player Releases:

  • Rohit Sharma: His leadership is being affected by problems outside of the game. He will be remembered always for winning five trophies and now for the franchise, it is better to let him go.
  • Piyush Chawla: That well-seasoned bowing operator might not be as skilled as he was some time back. Letting him go means MI can spend money on younger spin players.

Area of Focus (Auction):

  • Middle-Order Batsman: An example of a problematic statement for MI is that they require a solid hitter to occupy the middle of the batting order.
  • Improving the Fast Bowling Attack: Despite this, MI should try to build a good fleet of young fast bowlers especially for strengthening their lineup and replacing Jasprit Bumrah.

Owners: United Spirits

  • Some fans have high expectations of Royal Challengers Bangalore to emerge overall champions this season but they will always be very close, yet fall in the final stages of the competition. They select the prominent football players and gather powerful teams, but these teams have not succeeded in winning.

Performance in IPL 2024:

RCB did not do very well in the IPL 2024. They could have done better. Although the batters are doing well, there are not enough good bowlers, especially in spin bowling. The team’s progress was also affected by choosing different players each time, which caused problems.

Possible Player Retentions:

  • Virat Kohli: He did really well in the IPL 2024 which means his team definitely wants to keep him for the future. His knowledge and ability to lead are extremely important for RCB.
  • Glenn Maxwell: The Australian player is good at both hitting the ball hard and bowling off-spin. Keeping him in the team gives the middle order more strength and options to choose from.
  • Mohammed Siraj: The new bowler is really good at getting wickets. Keeping him in the team helps RCB to develop a solid group of fast bowlers.

Expected Player Releases:

  • Faf du Plessis: The captain, thinks that RCB might want a new captain because he is getting old and maybe letting go of du Plessis, even though he’s a good player, could give the team more money and let them look for a leader who is also a good batter.
  • Finn Allen (if he can play): The powerful batsman from New Zealand might not be able to play much because of his duties to the national team. If he’s not available, RCB might think about letting him go to get a better batsman for the top of the lineup.

Area of Focus (Auction):

  • Good Spin Bowler: RCB really wants to find a really good spin bowler to go with their fast bowlers. This will fix the problems they had in IPL 2024.
  • Captain-Batsman: Replacement for Dinesh A skilled batsman who is also a good leader could take over after he retires and Faf du Plessis leaves the team. This player is good at leading the team and is reliable at batting in the top order.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (5)


Owners: Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan SRK

  • It is another very popular team that had its period of struggle but emerged victorious in the IPL 2024 and is now considered to be very strong. They have won the trophy twice before in the year 2012 and 2014 respectively under the leadership of Gautam Gambhir and thus this team comes in third place on the list of having more trophies.

Performance in IPL 2024:

KKR was the best team in IPL 2024. They finished at the top of the league and won the championship. Their group of hitters, with Andre Russell as their top players, performed well in every game. The bowling team, led by Sunil Narine’s spinning throws and Pat Cummins’ fast throws, worked really well.

Potential Player Retentions:

  • Andre Russell: That is the player KKR would dearly love to retain considering he is a key member of their team’s batting arsenal. I really like him because he can both bat and bowl and this makes him so useful.
  • Sunil Narine: He is a very good spin bowler. He confuses the batters with his tricky deliveries and also helps the younger players with his experience. Keeping him is really important.
  • Shreyas Iyer: He is a strong candidate to be the new captain because he is a good leader and has been batting well in the IPL 2024. This is because Karthik is leaving the captaincy role.
  • Rinku Singh: He became an important player for the KKR team in the 2024 IPL as a strong middle-order batsman. Keeping him in the team makes the batting lineup stronger and more versatile.

Anticipated Player Releases:

  • Mitchell Starc: The Australian fast bowler, might not be able to play in many matches because he has to play for the national team. Letting him go frees up money to buy other things.
  • Nitish Rana: He has helped KKR, but they might want to find a better player for the middle order at the auction.

Areas of Focus (Auction):

Because KKR did really well, they might work on keeping their main team and fixing any weaknesses they have.

  • Indian Pace Bowler: Backup fast bowlers from India will make the bowling team stronger. Starc is very good, but having a reliable Indian bowler as a backup would make the team even better.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (6)


Owners: Sun Group~(Kalanithi Maran)

  • SRH has been one of the most successfully performing teams in the IPL since the time it was formed and has reached playoffs from the seasons IPL 2016 to IPL 2020. They are the IPL title winners team of the cricket team to hold the cup for the first time in the year 2016.

Performance in IPL 2024:

  • The team also performed well in the IPL match against Royal Challengers Bangalore (287/3) where Travis Head played the highest score.
  • Received the Team Fairplay Award.
  • Played in the final.

Potential Player Retentions:

  • Abhishek Sharma: He has scored most of the sixty-six the team has made this year which is performing well as a youth player both in batting and bowling. The man is a good probabilistic stock for any team in the Indestructible Team India.
  • Pat Cummins: He is a new captain and is also very excellent and has great handling skills and has faced fast bowling a lot of time.
  • Heinrich Klaasen: He is a good wicket-keeper and bacterial too good, fulfill the role of bacteria and he is a fast scorer.

Expected Player Releases:

  • Mayank Agarwal: The team will likely dismiss him since he has not been performing well and alternatives are available including openers.
  • Upendra Singh Yadav: It is also suggested that because of the poor performance he displayed recently, he might be dropped from the team even though there are many young talents to select from.

Areas of Focus (Auction):

  • Top-order batsman: Sachin Baby going out requires that we look for a new top-line bowler while Mayank Agarwal’s replacement suggests that we need a new strong top-order batsman.
  • Skilled spinner: It would be great to have another senior spinner to boost the team’s bowling option along with Washington Sundar who can bat and bowl.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (7)


Owners: Manoj Badale

  • Another team is the Rajasthan Royals which is synonymous with giving chances to the youngsters as compared to the other teams where they have a spirited approach to the game and the pink shirts are additionally well received by fans. The Royals entered into the IPL in the year 2008 and they shocked their rival team and cricket fans by clinching the first-ever IPL title with the help of their captain Shane Warne. However, the two strategies have not always been effective. They have had times where they needed to rebuild and they have had some really good moments over the years.

Performance in IPL 2024:

  • Earned a spot in the playoffs by coming in third place in the points table with 8 wins.
  • Jos Buttler kept being the best batsman for the team, scoring the most runs.

Potential Player Retentions:

  • Jos Buttler: He can easily make a lot of runs and he is also very good in the keeping department.
  • Sanju Samson: He is good at leadership and places a great powerful tussle of the middle of the game.
  • Riyan Parag: He did really well as a young player who can score runs quickly.

Expected Player Releases:

  • Ravi Ashwin: A good spinner, but he may be given the boots because he has not been performing so well and there is adept young spinners.
  • Rovman Powell: He might be let go because at times may be unreliable there are so many other better-qualified players out there in the market who can make it to the team.

Area of Focus (Auction):

  • Experienced all-rounder: Releasing Ashwin or Powell means we need someone experienced who can bat and bowl well.
  • Pace Depth: They need more good fast bowlers particularly those cricketers who are good at driving the hard final overs.
  • Left-Arm Pacer: The team doesn’t have a left-handed fast bowler right now. This kind of bowler could add diversity to their bowling lineup.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (8)


Owners: CBC Capital Partners

  • The new team, Gujarat Titans reached the playoffs in the first season of IPL as a massive shock for all the fans. Their bowling side was particularly powerful, especially for Rashid Khan and Mohammed Shami, and made a very helpful difference in the game. The Titans’ success in the IPL has already made a big impression, showing how the league can be unpredictable and exciting.

Performance in IPL 2024:

The Gujarat Titans did well in IPL 2024 but didn’t finish their games. However, their journey to playoffs stopped because their game against Kolkata Knight Riders was washed out which meant that they could not be in the finals. There were mixed performances with Shubman Gill shining through while the rest of the batting lineup didn’t perform per expectation both at the top and middle order.

Possible Players Retentions:

  • Shubman Gill: He is a young player and also effective as the opener, he also performed very well in leading the team.
  • Rashid Khan: He is a very good leg spinner and since it is a bowling team every one of them adds value.
  • Mohammed Shami: He is an ODI and T20 fast bowler who takes crucial wickets and supervises the bowling unit.

Expected Player Releases:

  • Matthew Wade: He could be fired bearing in mind that he has not been performing well at ‘three’ that is in the middle of the batting lineup.
  • Wriddhiman Saha: He performs well behind the wickets but there is always pressure that he may not be retained in the playing squad given the fact that he lacks prowess with the bat and given the fact that there are many youthful players who are waiting for their opportunities.

Areas of Focus (Auction):

  • Middle-order batsman: Wade and Saha will be let go, which calls for the need to find appropriate players capable of coming to the ground in times of inaccuracies and scoring for the team.
  • All-Rounder: In particular, Gujarat would benefit from a good all-round player given the fact that they would be useful both as a batsman and bowler and would offer the team more strength.
  • Left-Arm Pacer: Since the opponents possess powerful fast bowlers, the addition of the left-handed fast bowler also has to be a plus to this particular strategy.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (9)


Owners: JSW Sports&GMR Group

  • Delhi Capitals (Delhi Daredevils) have had quite an up-down journey at IPL where the team have had great players in their squads over the years but they have also failed to perform to the level that was seen since the 2008 final. However, their dedicated fans and occasional displays of impressive talent give them hope of winning the IPL championship which has been so difficult to achieve.

Performance in IPL 2024:

  • They were weak in the first five games that they played but as per the standard for the rest of the season.
  • Rishabh Pant was again included in the side after he was injured and it boosted the sides and batting lineup.

Potential Player Retentions:

  • Rishabh Pant: He is an excellent captain which he has shown over the course of two seasons and possesses good cricketing sense from bowling change to making strategies as a wicketkeeper-batsman.
  • Axar Patel: As for the characteristics, he is quite an important person in the given team because of his ability to put batsmen out as well as to hit the ball.
  • Prithvi Shaw: He is a young, upcoming assured cricketer who can play the role of an opening batsman for any team.

Expected Player Releases:

  • David Warner: He has a lot of experience, and might be dropped from the team because he’s not playing very well. This would give the team a chance to give younger players a chance to play as openers.
  • Ishant Sharma: He may not get to use his experience in pace bowling towards the end of the game.

Areas of Focus (Auction):

  • Middle-Order Batsman: An experienced player who can score runs in the middle of the innings: Releasing both Warner and Hetmyer means we need someone who can bat well and make good partnerships.
  • Death-Bowler: Specialist in bowling at the end of the game: It’s important to have a fast bowler with really good skills at the end of the game to help fix their problems in the last few overs.
  • Right-Arm Spinner: A right-arm spinner could make the bowling attack more diverse and add more options for spinning the ball. Adding one to the team alongside Axar Patel would give the team more variety.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (10)


Owners: Sanjiv Goenka

  • Lucknow Super Giants is a new team in the IPL where they did well in their first season and have some really talented young players, especially this season, Mayank Yadav. However, their top-order batting and death bowling were not consistent enough, so they didn’t do well in the playoffs. Now, they want to fix their problems and create a good base for future success.

Performance in IPL 2024:

The Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) did well in the up-down graph in IPL 2024 where they couldn’t be able to reach the playoffs but played well. LSG showed how good they are by winning a lot of games this season batting first but the team’s main problem was not being consistent.

Potential Player Retention:

  • KL Rahul: He is a very intelligent leader and an exceptional opening batsman but the only mistake is that he is not in form and doesn’t perform well during the power play but he has the ability to return hence he will be granted another opportunity.
  • Marcus Stoinis: For those contemplating that he is not a strong player and therefore detrimental to the team he is, in fact, a useful player in that he is both a batsman and a bowler.
  • Ravi Bishnoi: Young leg-spinner bowler and good at taking wickets where he is one of the genuinely learning players as he doesn’t fear providing flight to the ball.

Expected Player Releases:

  • Devdutt Padikkal: He started doing it well now and then though had issues while performing for LSG in the IPL 2024. He has also displayed certain skills in batting but his overall performance has not met the standards one would have expected from an opener.
  • Deepak Hooda: It would have made more sense for LSG to promote local talent instead of spending big during the auction’s due season for the IPL 2024 because the team already had many good batters. But for him to play many games he might not have because of the team batting lineup with many useful skills. He only played a few games and was therefore unable to impress the crowd with his batting and bowling skills.

Areas of Focus (Auction):

  • Opening Batsman: It was a great victory for the team as today finding a good opening partner of KL Rahul to bat with at the start of the match is crucial while making a combination of batsmen.
  • Death Bowler: I needed a fast bowler who should be really efficient during the last few overs and help the team improve their rates towards the end of the match.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (11)


Owners: Mohit Burman, Ness Wadia, Preity Zinta and Karan Paul

  • Many big players played for Kings from 2008 onwards and the team has only once neared the final though they haven’t won it (2014 against KKR). They have never made it to the playoffs since then and their fans really want them to win a championship. But, there are new young players coming up and some important changes are happening, so there is still hope for a better future.

Performance in IPL 2024:

  • PBKS could not make it to playoffs again this year and it has become a trend with the team since they have failed to make it to playoffs for the last 10 seasons consecutively which should be a worry to them.
  • The team’s hitting was not steady during the tournament. They had a slow start and struggled to score when they needed to catch up.

Potential Player Retentions:

  • Sam Curran: He is a good player who can bowl well, also for the batting department of the team he is ready to replace the captain if team management gives him a chance which he showed this season in some matches.
  • Arshdeep Singh: He is a young bowler who is very competent in taking wickets and more to the point, he is gradually mastering ‘the yorker’.
  • Harshal Patel: He is one of the best death bowlers, usually effective in the end overs where he might solve the issues PBKS have in the final stages of this game.

Expected Player Releases:

  • Shikhar Dhawan: He might be let go because he is getting older and not playing as well recently. This would let PBKS find a younger player to open with Prabhsimran Singh.
  • Kagiso Rabada: He got hurt and couldn’t play much or help his team as much in the last part of the season because of a bad muscle injury. PBKS might find other ways to make their bowling better.

Areas of Focus (Auction):

  • Explosive Middle-Order Batsman: Keeping four players in the team will make their bowling stronger but they need a reliable middle-order batsman to balance the team.
  • Opener: A good young player is easier to find for the team in Mega Auction to pair up with Prabhsimran, as the top-order batting will be crucial for the team.

IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (12)

IPL 2025 Mega Auction (Retention Rules)

IPL 2025 Mega Auction (Retention Rules) ⏮️

RTM means a te­am can match an auction bid to keep a player. The­ IPL’s retention guideline­s and salary cap shape the teams in the­ big auction. Let’s go through BCCI’s player rete­ntion rules.

For keeping 1 Playe­r:

  • Player 1 Salary: INR 14 Crore

If 2 Players are­ kept:

  • Player 1 Salary: INR 14 Crore
  • Playe­r 2 Salary: INR 10 Crore
  • Total: INR 24 Crore

If they ke­ep 3 Players:

  • Player 1 Salary: INR 15 Crore­
  • Player 2 Salary: INR 11 Crore
  • Player 3 Salary: INR 7 Crore­
  • Total: INR 33 Crore

For sticking with 4 Players:

  • Player 1 Salary: INR 16 Crore­
  • Player 2 Salary: INR 12 Crore
  • Player 3 Salary: INR 8 Crore­
  • Player 4 Salary: INR 6 Crore
  • Total: INR 42 Crore

Each te­am begins the auction with a total purse worth up to INR 100 Crore­. So, if a team decides to ke­ep all four players, it ente­rs the auction with 58 crore left in the­ purse.

The IPL big auction is coming and teams are getting ready to make their teams stronger for the next season where we have looked at how well different teams did in the IPL 2024. It showed what they are good at, what they need to work on, and who they might buy or release before the auction where if we look at new teams like Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants, they did really well in their first year and surprised everyone.

Whereas, Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings want to fix their weaknesses and improve their strengths. All teams want to win the IPL championship title by improving their bowling, finding good batsmen, and choosing players wisely. The next auction will be really interesting and will decide the future of each team in the IPL season.

That’s it for now. 🤟

Thanks for reading.

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IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases (13)

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IPL 2025 MEGA AUCTION: Detailed Analysis of All 10 Teams And List of Potential Retentions and Releases  (2024)
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