Udemy WGU (Western Governors University) courses: All you need to know - (2024)

Do you wish to learn more about Udemy WGU (Western Governors University) courses, programs and how to get started? This content contains all you need to know about Udemy and WGU. Read carefully!

Udemy WGU

Udemy was established in the year, 2010. It is a universal online learning marketplace with a diverse applicational approach. When compared to WGU, Udemy is a non-accredited online community, you can describe Udemy as a platform where instructors for different courses and niches create and sell their courses. Udemy course catalog has more than 150,000 courses to be administered by professional instructors in a different range of subject areas, making the platform a famous choice for interested learners from across the globe seeking to acquire specific skills, knowledge,e, and expertise.

Udemy has an extensive course catalog and if you wish to learn a new programming language, it is a perfect choice. Udemy also offers courses for the enhancement of your digital marketing skills, or to span through a hobby (let’s say, photography, you would discover the best courses that suit your needs at the moment).

WGU was founded in the year 1997. It was created following the decisions of 19 U.S. governors. These governors were on a mission to broaden access to high-quality education and to provide an affordable higher education for all. The online platform running as a nonprofit university is now serving thousands of students (up to 115,000 students) nationwide and it has close to 150,000 graduates who applied and got certified from all 50 states. Programs offered here are available in a variety of study areas including,

  1. Business
  2. Information technology,
  3. K–12 education, as well as healthcare/nursing.

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Do WGU students get Udemyfor free?


As of our recent knowledge,WGUstudentst, have free access to Udemy courses and they also have access to LinkedIn learning. More so, they have free access to the majority of the Coursera courses.

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Udemy WGU? Pros and Cons

Why Choose Udemy:
Prosof Udemy
  1. There are a variety of course catalogs offered by Udemy and they cover a wide range of topics.
  2. In Udemy, there is an individual-paced learning that can accommodate various schedules.
  3. Their courses are affordable and these courses come with frequent discounts.
  4. You have endless access to your purchased course content.
  5. With Udemy, you have access to learn those top skills, specific skills,t or in-demand skills.
  6. They’re top professional instructors from different areas who bring unique perspectives to your learning process
  7. Your learning classes are flexible especially for busy and working-class
  8. With Udemy, there are budget-friendly options to gain affordable education.
Consof Udemy
  1. With Udem, you may not be offered formal degrees or accredited certifications,s especially for people seeking to use their certificates for further job seeking.
  2. The quality of courses also vary
  3. The instructor-student interaction is limited
  4. Courses offered may not impact the depth of a traditional degree program.

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Why Choose WGU
Prosof WGU
  1. They offer degrees that are accredited and hold weight in the job market.
  2. The competency-based learning that is offered at WGU grants learners a flexible learning pace.
  3. Here, there are emphasis on industry-relevant skills there are also
  4. Support services, the likes of academic mentors as well as a dedicated community.
  5. They are regionally accredited, and this quality offers wide recognition.
  6. Flexibility in learning for working professionals.
  7. There is a flat-rate tuition fee payment model at WGU which may be a very good way to save costs while you learn.
  8. Career advancement opportunities are available for WGU students when they enroll in industry-aligned programs.
Consof WGU when Compared to Udemy
  1. Less course variety is available here when compared to Udemy.
  2. WGU requires that you have a high level of self-motivation and that you have good time managementskills.Also, their tuition model may not meet up with your personal

Udemy WGU Fees and Costs?

WGU tuition fees are the flat-rate tuition model. Here, enrollees are expected to pay a fixed tuition fee for every six-month term, you would have to pay average amounts ranging from $3,500 to $4,000. Additionally, financial aid and scholarship opportunities are also available, making WGU an affordable option for most students and skilled learners.

On the other hand, Udemy courses are available for sale on an individual basis, with prices ranging from $10 to $200, there are courses available at more than $200 Udemy offers discounts from time to time and they also have promotional services. One good thing about them is that, once you buy a course, you automatically have lifetime access to the course.

Final Thoughts on Udemy WGU

This article made you learn that Udemy does not offer any form of formaldegrees. There is a variety of course catalogs offered by Udemy and they cover a wide range of topics, there is individual-paced learning that can accommodate various schedules. In addition, you learned that their courses are affordable and these courses come with frequent discounts with endless access to your purchased course content.

However,If you’re searching for a place to acquire your degree, choosing WGU is a better option.

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Udemy WGU (Western Governors University) courses: All you need to know - (2024)
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